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About Me

Hi, I'm Christian! I'm a creative by life and a software maker by trade. I'm based out of St. Louis, Missouri, land of the Red Hot Riplets. I have a passion for learning new things and that led me into a career where I constantly run into new problems that can only be solved by furthering my knowledge and skills. When I'm not working, you can find me writing, producing and performing electronic music as food4ghosts. This website is also my experimental playground so expect things to move around often (and maybe even a crash here or there 🔥).


What I Do

  • 💻 Build software to help solve complex problems
  • 🎨 Design UIs to be used by large operations teams
  • 🎹 Write, produce, and perform music
  • 💡 Learn new skills and technologies
  • 📓 Teach programming and share knowledge with others
  • 📚 Read non-fiction, sci-fi, and fantasy books
  • 🌎 Travel far and wide

Technologies I Use

What I've Been Listening To